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A project of Everyday People PAC

Everyday People PAC is a grassroots, social justice political fund mobilizing volunteers to defeat Trumpism. EPP supports the electoral work of grassroots organizations in swing states who are working to build the long term power of working class communities and communities of color.

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Seed the Vote

A project of everyday people pac

Seed the Vote recruits, trains and mobilizes thousands of volunteers from across the U.S. to help defeat the Right and grow people-powered movements for the long term. We partner with organizations rooted in working-class communities and communities of color in battleground states that are organizing towards key elections and building grassroots political power year-round.

Our goal is to contribute to the essential work of building a progressive movement that is capable of transforming U.S. politics in order to make possible much bigger wins—on climate, healthcare, housing, good jobs, immigration, policing, reproductive justice, and more—over the next decade.

Generation Rising

Our Sister Project

Generation Rising is a national vehicle for young people impacted by racism and economic oppression to work with social justice movements and community-based efforts in swing states to defeat Trumpism and build systemic change for the long-haul.

We provide training and opportunities to impact elections in key swing states while building connections and knowledge for long term social justice organizing.

Meet the Team

Le Tim Ly

Everyday People PAC Director

Le has spent the last 20 years working for racial, environmental and economic justice with grassroots community organizations including Youth United for Community Action (YUCA), the Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action (PILA), San Francisco Rising and the Chinese Progressive Association in San Francisco. Le is a refugee from the US War in Vietnam who grew up in New Jersey and Silicon Valley. He currently lives in Berkeley, California with his family.

Dylan Cooke

Organizing Director

Dylan comes to Seed the Vote with many years of community organizing experience. Her first foray into electoral organizing was in 2004, running offices in swing states for the John Kerry presidential campaign. Since then she’s organized around prisons and policing, housing and homelessness, and for the last eight years, supporting social justice movements to center racial justice through her work at Catalyst Project. After the 2016 election Dylan helped start Catalyst Action Fund. She took time off work to go to Arizona with Seed the Vote for the 2020 general election and helped run Seed the Vote’s work in Georgia in the senate run-off for Warnock and Ossoff. Dylan grew up in San Francisco, and when not fighting to win elections can generally be found backpacking in the Sierras.

Aliza Cord

Operations Manager

Aliza joined the STV team during the 2022 election cycle. She came to social justice movement work more than 15 years ago with the Working Families Party in their early days in NY. She is a clay artist (Bay Area folks can find her work at the Berkeley Potters Guild) and a parent to a wild 3 year old.

Jason Negrón-Gonzales

Political Director

Jason has spent the last 25 years working for racial, environmental and economic justice, in the Bay Area and nationally. He has worked as a leader and organizer with a number of different groups and campaigns including People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER), the Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project, SEIU 1021, Seed the Vote, and the Jennifer Esteen RN for State Assembly campaign. He has also worked as an emergency and trauma nurse for over a decade, including the pandemic. He lives in Berkeley, California with his family and enjoys watching his kids play soccer.

Lisa Schottenfeld

Grassroots Fundraising Manager

Lisa has spent the last 10 years organizing around tenant rights, racial justice, and mass incarceration with Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), Initiate Justice, and Causa Justa::Just Cause (CJJC). While serving as the Field Director for a California state assembly race, Lisa learned that they love knocking on strangers’ doors to talk about their lives and political views. Lisa began volunteering with Seed the Vote in 2020, and since then has canvassed in Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia. When they’re not organizing, you can usually find them hiking in the redwoods or by the Pacific Ocean.

Karina Hurtado-Ocampo

Communications Director

Movement comms by way of community media; Karina has supported organizations in building programs that develop collective and individual leadership while aligning their media with their values, capacity and political strategy. This has taken the shape of cultivating spaces where young people have the support to lead place-based journalism programs, coalition-based media productions, and intergenerational media institutes. They have worked in a leadership capacity in public television and movement organizations.

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