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Volunteers Make the Difference

Seed the Vote works to build the number and power of progressive elected officials, while also blocking the far right from taking power in federal elections. We do this by sending volunteers to “battleground” states to doorknock and phonebank in primaries and the general election.

Join us

Join us to Protect Members of the Squad in Congress

In 2024 Seed the Vote will be sending canvassers to defend members of the Squad in their primary races. We were in Pittsburgh, PA (for Rep. Summer Lee) in March-April, and will be in New York City (for Rep. Jamaal Bowman) in May-June, and in St. Louis, MO (for Rep. Cori Bush) in July-August!

Currently, Seed the Vote is working to recruit volunteers to knock doors in Missouri for Rep. Cori Bush. We can help you with travel logistics and/or financial support if needed.

As leaders working on ceasefire and other progressive causes The Squad is being targeted by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and other conservative superPACs, who have promised to spend $100 million to unseat them in their primaries. Join an information session or read through our 2024 Door Knocking Guide  and get your questions answered!

Be part of the 2024 Team

Join us to defend Cori Bush in her St Louis primary (July 2-Aug 6), and/or to beat Trump and win Democratic control of the White House, Senate, and House (Sept-Nov).

For the November elections, Seed the Vote will be working in battleground states where the Presidential race will likely be the closest, and where we need to defend Senate or House seats or have the chance to pick up new ones. Starting in early September, we’ll be in Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

 Sign up here to let us know how you want to be involved!

Upcoming Events

Register for an info session to learn more about how to get involved in our work this year!

Below are ways to immediately plug into our work:

Recruit Your Friends

Recruit friends – or make new ones!

Staying connected with each other will help us hold onto the energy and commitment we need to make calls and knock doors with our partners in key battleground states.

Recruit friends. Asking your friends and family to join you is a great way to grow the power of our work.

  • Here is a recruitment template with sample emails, texts, and other materials you can use.
  • We also encourage people to form Seed Pods with their friends and family – groups who can doorknock, phonebank, and/or fundraise together. If you’d like to form a pod, email

Make new friends. Many of us are looking to make new friends with whom we can doorknock, phonebank, or fundraise.

If you’d like to meet new folks and take action with a group of people who don’t already know each other, email