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In 2019 Seed the Vote became a volunteer powerhouse to help defeat Trump and flip the Senate. Then we turned that people power to organizing in the 2022 midterm elections and the Georgia runoff. Now we’re deepening and expanding our work to show up powerfully for the 2024 elections, where we will elect progressive legislators, stop the Right from gaining power, and make more possible for our movements long-term.

Who We Are

Our Story

Georgia, 2020

Pennsylvania, 2022

Nevada, 2022

In 2019, Seed the Vote was formed to oust Trump. We partnered with grassroots organizations rooted in working-class communities of color and mobilized over 9,000 volunteers to make calls and doorknock in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida. Working with volunteers across the country (and globe!), we supported grassroots efforts in the critical states that would decide the outcome of the election.

In 2022, despite rampant voter suppression and the prediction of a “red wave,” grassroots organizing again made key electoral wins possible. In Nevada alone, Seed the Vote volunteers talked to nearly 7,500 people at their doors during a critical Senate race won by only 7,928 votes. The work of Seed the Vote’s volunteers and partner organizations helped ensure victories the Right was counting on never materialized and sowed seeds for future organizing efforts.

In 2024, Seed the Vote continues our commitment to train and support volunteers to knock doors and make calls with our partner organizations. We know it will take all of us to win again in 2024 – and again in 2026, 2028, and 2030. By winning these critical and strategic races, our movements are paving a path to shift the balance of power in the federal government within the next ten years to make progressive demands a reality.

Strategy and Reports

Our Strategy for 2024

Our Strategy for 2024

Beating Trump again in 2024 is our top goal, but it’s not our only goal.  Seed the Vote works to build the number and power of progressive elected officials while also blocking the far right from taking power in federal elections. We do this by sending volunteers...

Who We Work With

We partner with grassroots organizations rooted in working-class communities and communities of color in battleground states, including unions, that have been organizing for years and will continue building political power after the election. We also coordinate with national movement forces to align and collaborate on a shared strategy to defend and expand voting rights and build towards our dream of true multiracial democracy.



  • Working Families Party
  • People’s Action
  • Showing Up for Racial Justice Action


  • UNITE HERE Local 11


  • New Florida Majority/Florida Rising


  • Asian American Advocacy Fund
  • GA Working Families Party
  • GLAHR Action / Mijente
  • New Georgia Project Action Fund
  • Showing Up for Racial Justice Action


    • Asian Pacific Islander Political Alliance
    • Pennsylvania Stands Up
    • Pennsylvania United
    • People’s Action
    • The PA Working Families Party
    • UNITE HERE Local 274


    • UNITE HERE Local 226

    North Carolina

    • Durham for All
    • Carolina Federation


    • Citizen Action Wisconsin

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