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In 2022 the odds were stacked against us, but grassroots organizing made key election wins possible. Seed the Vote supports the work of groups on the ground who are leading the way year-round. We recruit, train and support volunteers to knock doors and make calls with these groups. Between elections, we help shape the conditions for the next election and support our partners’ ongoing organizing efforts!

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Beating Trump again in 2024 is our top goal, but it’s not our only goal.  Seed the Vote works to build the number and power of progressive elected officials while also blocking the far right from taking power in federal elections. We do this by sending volunteers to “battleground” states to door-knock and phone bank. Because we know that long-term change won’t happen through just one election, we send our volunteers to local organizations that work year-round on social justice issues in working-class communities of color. We follow their lead on voter outreach strategy, knowing that they understand their communities best. Here is our 2024 strategy:

Goal #1: Protect Our Progressive Legislators in Their Spring & Summer Primary Races

Conservative super PACs are planning to spend $100 million in the 2024 primaries to unseat our most progressive legislators (“the Squad”) for demanding a ceasefire. These representatives are our voice on every issue: reproductive rights, criminal justice reform, a Green New Deal, LGBTQ+ rights, expansion of democratic rights, & their stance on foreign policy. It is critical that we defend their seats.

Seed the Vote will be sending canvassers and phone-bankers to defend the members of the Squad who are most vulnerable to being unseated in their primary races, and where additional volunteer capacity will be most needed. This will likely include:

Goal #2: Prevent Trump From Taking Power in the November Elections, Maintain Control of the Senate, & Win Back the House

For the November elections, Seed the Vote selected states we’ll work in based on:

  • Where Presidential races are likely to be the closest – sometimes decided by just a few thousand votes – since this is where person-to-person conversations can have the most impact.
  • Where we need to defend Senate or House seats, or have the opportunity to pick up new ones

In 2024, we’ll be sending canvassers and phone bankers to:

Arizona (Phoenix) 0.4% (10,457 votes, Biden) Pick up Senate seat for a Democrat. Competitive House race.
Georgia (Atlanta) 0.3% (11,779 votes, Biden) Support local organizations to be ready to defend a Democratic Senate seat in 2026.
Nevada (Reno) 2.4% (33,596 votes, Biden) Defend Democratic-held Senate seat. 
North Carolina (Location TBD)  1.3% (74,483, Trump) Support local organizations in laying groundwork to pick up Senate seat in 2026. Competitive House race.
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia; other areas TBD) 1.2% (81,660, Biden) Defend Democratic-held Senate seat. Possible competitive House race.
Wisconsin (Location TBD) 0.6% (20,682, Biden) Defend Democratic-held Senate seat. Possible competitive House race.


Be part of the 2024 Team

Seed the Vote will be working hard in 2024 to Protect the Squad in the primaries, our progressive reps who are being targeted for their stance on a ceasefire. Then we will block the right from gaining power in the presidential and senate races in November. Sign up below for more information and to get plugged in.

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Recruit Your Friends

Recruit friends – or make new ones!

Staying connected with each other will help us hold onto the energy and commitment we need to make calls and knock doors with our partners in key battleground states.

Recruit friends. Asking your friends and family to join you is a great way to grow the power of our work.

  • Here is a recruitment template with sample emails, texts, and other materials you can use.
  • We also encourage people to form Seed Pods with their friends and family – groups who can doorknock, phonebank, and/or fundraise together. If you’d like to form a pod, email

Make new friends. Many of us are looking to make new friends with whom we can doorknock, phonebank, or fundraise.

If you’d like to meet new folks and take action with a group of people who don’t already know each other, email