As we show up to vote Trump out in record numbers, he’s trying to bully and cheat his way through an election he knows he’s losing. He hopes that sowing chaos and stoking fear will stop us from having our voices heard. It won’t. We can’t know exactly what will happen in these next few weeks. But we do know that we’re going to ensure that every voice is heard and every vote is counted until we swear in a government of, by, and for the people. Here are some of the best resources out there to help us prepare:


The Game Plan – Reader & Resource Guide This tool was developed by our movement partners at The Frontline. It includes a helpful timeline of the election process from here to Inauguration Day, identifies potential attempts Trump could make to undermine a fair election process, and provides tips for fight-back from our side. It also includes historical case studies. 

What Comes Next: Scenario Planning to Protect Our Victory: Recording of a scenario planning webinar hosted by Seed the Vote that lays out the political landscape, anticipates a range of possible scenarios, and identifies next steps for our movements. Speakers include Max Elbaum with Seed the Vote and Organizing Upgrade, Nelini Stamp with The Frontline and Working Families Party, and Jill Shenker with Seed the Vote. 

Ten Things You Need to Know to Stop a Coup By Daniel Hunter, trainer and organizer with Training for Change. This article sums up ten organizing principles for preventing a coup, drawing from the experience of social movements across the world.  


How to Talk About a Contested Election This tool was developed by movement communicators and organizers  Jacob Swenson-Lengyel and Johnathan Matthew Smucker. It includes strategic messaging principles to support organizers and communicators in drawing large numbers of people into the fight to protect democracy. This guide accounts for a variety of scenarios that might unfold on November 3 and beyond. 

Everyone Counts Project Developed by Race Class Narrative Action. This tool includes messaging principles and useful talking points to build public support around the idea that the election isn’t over until every vote is counted. 


Get in Formation: A Community Safety Toolkit (with Addendum for Naviating Multiple Pandemics) Developed by Vision Change Win, a Black-led team of Queer and Trans People of Color social justice leaders supporting social movement organizations. Although not election-specific, this resource is designed to support formations in building stronger security practices in the face of state repression against Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Queer and Trans, disabled, low-income, and immigrant communities in particular. 


This Action Strategy Guide, developed by The Ruckus Society was written a few years back, and is helpful in thinking through and planning non-violent direct actions. Also reference Ruckus’ Direct Action Roles Cheat Sheet and this Pre-During-Post Action Checklist from Beautiful Trouble


The Frontline
Text TEACH to 30403 to access a recording of their teach-in, The Game Plan: Election and Beyond, held October 28th. 

Choose Democracy

Protect the Results

Labor Action to Defend Democracy


Songs to Stop a Coup by The Peace Poets in collaboration with social justice organizations and movement artists. This YouTube playlist features songs that are to be SUNG IN ACTION defending elections and stopping attempts at a coup.

Movements Mobilize to Interrupt a Coup by Marcy Rein. Includes a solid overview of how our movements for social justice are preparing to stop an attempted coup. 

Strike for Democracy! By Stephanie Luce. This article discusses the crucial role that organized labor can play in protecting democracy, highlighting the work of Labor Action to Defend Democracy. 

“A Warning from the Past”: A Civilian Coup D’etat “Look Alike” is Unfolding Stages from Now Until January 20, 2020 by Adam Schesch. Written by a survivor of the US-sanctioned coup against the Chilean democratically elected government in 1973, this piece offers key lessons for today. 

Stopping the Coup Guide: Resources/Background Information: A compilation of movement resources to support action starting on November 3 and beyond.